The Broxton Hundred - Higher Surroundings EP


Good morning class. 

What is a Broxton Hundred? 


Then I will tell you…..the name comes from an ancient time when counties were divided into “Hundreds” and Broxton was the name of the area in Chester where Richard Lucas (guitar, bass, vocals) and Gary Yari-Gerrard (guitar, bass, backing vocals) lived, hence the name. Rich L and Gaz found themselves in London and enlisted skinsman Richard Ormond into the band making the Hundred complete. History lesson over, have a quick playtime and then it’s contemporary music….

Who Put The Weight Of The World On Your Shoulders?, opens with clipped chords and rumbling drums and my first thought was it’s The Moons! Very 60’s British Invasion inspired and executed very well indeed, tight and sharp…..then something happens……the drums pound like an Wigan stomper, the guitar becomes a cross between The Byrds and Johnny Marr while Rich L’s clear and insistent “this will start and end here” delivers on all fronts. A top slice of modern art pop. Are you eating? Well I hope you’ve brought enough for EVERYBODY! Now put them away and listen to She Brings The Light, hear how the guitar riff echoes around your head, how the bass comforts you like a warm blanket and the drums keep you moving. Listen to the words, and how they don’t intrude, they just need to be there. Reminiscent of Ocean Colour Scene the chorus is all wah wah guitars and catchy hook line, definitely “indie” but with pop sensibilities, late 60’s conjured with touch of glam and a sprinkling of new wave, nice recipe but tough to get right! No you can’t go to the toilet, you should have gone at playtime. The next song Run takes it down a notch and more influences arrange themselves to be heard, oddly muted crashing chords reminds me a little of The Police until the vocals kick in. A pining slow burner that seeps into your conciousness until the chorus comes along and forces it’s way in with a crowbar, where it stays!

Settle down class, or you’ll all be getting detention, the last track is called Higher Surroundings. The intro is firmly rooted in Britpop (horrible, horrible term, but you get what I mean) and bounds along nicely before ANOTHER huge huge chorus that will worm it’s way into your psyche! Uplifting is not strong enough, can I say euphoric? Yes, yes I can, it’s a euphoric noise the morse code stoccato guitar work running behind the soul fuelled voice is quite simply genius! Rising and falling like waves crashing in your ears, a rapturous, wonderful, life affirming track!


A very strong debut from “The Broxtons” varied and tight, a myriad of influences fighting to be heard in glorious cacophony, but the main thing, THE MAIN thing to remember (I may be quizzing you on this) is that they have big, beautiful, bountiful choruses, and they aren’t afraid to use them! The bell is for me NOT you! I’m glad it didn’t start and end at the first track and I hope it doesn’t start and end with this ep! Class dismissed!

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